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“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen." Robert Bresson, French Film Director

We've produced 300 projects and counting for some of the best companies in the world.
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"Nathan Todd Sims is a talented director with an extensive resume that attests to his award-winning capabilities and wide-ranging filmmaking expertise. As a producer (member p.g.a) and Writer (member WGA) myself and (former) Senior Vice President for Twentieth Century Fox Television for 18 years, I am happy to recommend Todd for leading any project where talent, efficiency, and creative excellence are required... I am familiar with Todd’s body of work and we have collaborated together on the development of several projects. I am confident he has the capability to create a successful film."
Gary Hall, Sr. Vice President, Post Production (retired), Twentieth Century Fox Televison
“Because of the high quality of the video and your creative approach... ...this video has been extremely well received both within and outside the Space Shuttle Program, and it has become a keystone in our Process Control Awareness Program. Again, thank you for your personal effort in making this video a tremendous success.”

Ronald D. Dittemore, Space Shuttle Program Manager, NASA

"Fusion Productions has exhibited uncompromising professionalism in creating multiple projects that have been tremendously effective in both communicating our message and representing our company. They continue to impress with their attention to detail, commitment to customer service and their ability to finish projects on-time and on-budget. I recommend them very highly for any video project.”
Richard F. Dangel, Ph.D., President & CEO, Praesidium, the national leader in abuse risk management.


“If anyone has ever had an idea which needs to be communicated through a video to a particular audience, Fusion delivers.  If anyone has ever needed a turnkey solution where they will only deal with competent professionals from concept to storyboarding and scripting, to shooting and post-production, then Fusion delivers beyond expectations.​"

Jason Brown, Vice President of Marketing, Marketplace Chaplains USA

"The IGOAL team would like to thank you for the outstanding video you developed to represent our product in the Software of the Year Competition at NASA Headquarters. The winners were recently announced and our software, Enigma, was selected as runner up. This is a very high honor and is reportedly the highest any entry from the Johnson Space Center has ever achieved.

We believe that the quality video presentation that you provided was a major contribution to our success. Your creative approach to the demonstration communicated the strengths and versatility of our software in an engaging style while retaining the professional image we desired. Your video truly stood out among the other standard displays."

David Shores, Technical Project Manager, Muniz Engineering, Inc.

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