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Fusion Wins Again!




Dallas, TX (December 10, 2014) Fusion Productions, a leading award winning, international film and television production company based near Dallas, Texas in the United States, announces significant industry recognition as well as major production developments.

Founded in September of 1990, Fusion Productions has entered its 25th year of operation, completing hundreds of corporate projects, seven television series, numerous documentaries and the theatrically released feature film, Echoes of Innocence.

Nathan Todd Sims on set with former president of Mexico, Honorable Vicente Fox (left) and former president of Costa Rica, Honorable Laura Chinchilla (right).

This year, Fusion provided support for the just completed 2014 Central American and Caribbean Games held in Veracruz, Mexico, saw its wild food series, Hot on the Trail with Sunny Savage, begin airing in the Middle East in addition to continued broadcast in the U.S., shot several projects for former Mexican President Vicente Fox, completed development of a motion picture script with Janine Turner (Friday Night Lights, Northern Exposure, Cliffhanger) attached to star, attended the MIPTV market in Cannes, France, and Fusion crews traveled to West Africa to the Ebola ravaged country of Liberia.


Liberia - Fusion’s Liberia project is a fascinating docudrama about one man’s unrelenting quest to save as many lives as possible, as fast as possible, in Liberia by solving the horrendous water situation left from years of civil war. Fusion crews have made two trips to Liberia in 2014 and while every attempt was made to prepare logistics and security concerns for production in the world’s second poorest country and most corrupt country (according to the CIA fact book), the production was blind-sided by the massive Ebola outbreak which exploded in the international media while Fusion was in Liberia shooting. All Fusion personnel were able to leave the country safely after completing a total of 15 production days, some in designated Ebola hazard zones. The Ebola crisis has now become a significant part of the project’s story and was instrumental in the decision to expand the length of the documentary. Completion is scheduled for early 2015.

Production assistant/grip, Nathan Sims Jr., deep in the jungle in Liberia, Africa.


Recognition - This year Fusion added five Telly Awards to its list of prestigious honors bringing its total Telly Award count to 29! The Telly Awards, founded in 1978, are considered the premier award honoring outstanding video and film programs ( Two projects garnered the five awards in different categories.

The Harbinger Decoded – Bronze Telly Award - Documentary Category

The Harbinger Decoded – Bronze Telly Award – Motivational Category

The Harbinger Decoded - Bronze Telly Award – Religious/Spirituality Category

Parent Compass – Bronze Telly Award – Internet/Web Motivational Category

Parent Compass – Bronze Telly Award – Religious/Spirituality Category

Fusion’s founder and president, Nathan Todd Sims, attributes this year’s awards to the company’s creative team, “Every project we produce on average requires the skills and creativity of between 20 and 55 people. We have a world class team that continues to consistently elevate our projects to the highest of industry recognition and respect. These awards reflect the contributions of every department and we are very proud of our team.”

Recipient of three Telly Awards, The Harbinger Decoded is a dynamic top-selling documentary presentation on the New York Times best selling book, The Harbinger, by Jonathan Cahn.

Fusion Productions is pleased to announce the start of production of a new documentary based on Cahn’s just released book, The Mystery of the Shemitah. The project is scheduled for release in early 2015.

Director Nathan Todd Sims gives instruction to Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah.


Parent Compass received its two Telly Awards for the pilot episode: The Alpha Factor. Fusion has now completed partial production on an additional 11 episodes of the first season of the Web TV series on parenting. Each episode features a unique family who guest hosts and tells their personal parenting story. More shooting is slated for the beginning of 2015 with the series launch scheduled for Spring of 2015.

According to Sims (also Fusion’s lead Director/Producer), “We continued to experience significant growth in 2014 and expect great things for 2015 as well, but I think our team is most excited about the quality of the creative projects currently in work and on the horizon.”

Before year’s end Fusion is scheduled to launch pre-production efforts for its Janine Turner feature film project as well as its much anticipated immigration documentary, Does Jesus Love Illegals?

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