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Global Expansion & Awards Punctuate 2016


Fusion Productions (Dallas/North Hollywood) continued to expand its global presence throughout 2016. According to Fusion founder and president, Nathan Todd Sims, "the rapid expansion of distribution channels and broadcast partnerships continued as our content creation and ownership strategy continued to gain traction on a global scale." Several projects were completed and entered distribution and several new projects are currently in production, some set to hit the global TV marketplace in early 2017.


Space Mistakes: How NASA Failures Further Exploration. This six part FusionFlix original mini-series will be completed in January 2017 and has already been picked up by Discovery Science for Australia and the Pacific Rim, AMC Networks International Iberia for Spain and Portugal, PBS America for the UK and XiveTV in the U.S. XiveTV is the emergent Video on Demand (VOD) documentary specialty channel available on cutting edge platforms including HULU, Roku, Amazon Video, YouTube and through a free app for Apple iOS and Android devices. And with additional discussions already ongoing with broadcasters in Italy and Poland the series seems set to take the world by storm as soon as it is complete. The six half hour episodes chronicle NASA disasters or near disasters, many unknown to the public. Distribution is being handled by Looking Glass International who is also signed on to distribute Fusion's new upcoming "future of space" series (more details coming soon). Watch for to go live soon.




Panzareta: Queen of the Turf. The amazing, true, never before told story of horse racing Hall of Fame champion Panzareta is in active Development at Fusion. In addition to structuring the private placement offering, filing all required legal registrations, securing the story rights, and raising funds for the project, significant progress was made in 2016 transforming the story into a motion picture treatment with scripting to follow. A website was also launched at Fusion also shot 4K footage for a promotional teaser which will debut soon on the website.



VR - Virtual Reality has finally gone mainstream. Fusion has inked strategic partnerships with cutting edge technology companies whose principles have worked on blockbuster games like Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell in order to bring Fusion's VR development portfolio to a virtual screen near you. Fusion has been developing VR IP for more than a decade waiting for the technology to catch up to the concepts.


Thirst: Mission Liberia. The powerful documentary shot in Liberia during the Ebola crisis was completed with international distribution being handled by TVS and discussions with U.S. television networks ongoing. In the meantime, the film has been screened in select churches and private settings and is being credited with helping to raise significant funding for the Last Well's water efforts in Liberia. Last report was close to a million dollars had been raised directly and indirectly because of the film which would enable around 150,000 Liberians access to safe drinking water!



Parent Compass - Fusion completed the world premiere season of the web TV series Parent Compass. The 14 episode season went live via and Parent Compass's Facebook page in May of 2016. The series received millions of views from numerous countries around the world with many thousands of comments and Likes recorded on Facebook. The series was then picked up for national broadcast on NRBTV starting in October and was released on DVD in December. All episodes remain available online and NRBTV is re-running the series starting in January 2017. Each 10 to 15 minute episode tells a different family's inspirational story of how faith was their compass through difficult times: the loss of a child, deadly disease, gang involvement, drug dealing, failed marriages, a violent assault, racial issues, desperation, and parent/child/teen conflict.


Z Living - A few years ago Fusion completed production of 52 television episodes for the health and wellness network, Z Living. One of the three series, Hot on the Trail with Sunny Savage, continues to enjoy global exposure as it has been sold into numerous international territories including much of Africa and the middle East. Fusion's global footprint continues to grow!


Telly Awards - Fusion received two more Telly Awards this year. The awards were for Thirst: Mission Liberia. This brings Fusion's total Telly count to 32!


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